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Airport Shuttle Schedule

I'm going to be flying into Beziers to stay in Marseillan. I should land at about 1 pm and my question is, I know there's a shuttle from the Airport to the Coach station, whereby I can catch the 210 bus to Marseillain, but what times does the shuttle operate. On Beziers airport, it says there's one at 14.40, is that the only one of the day?! Don't they run regularly?
If not, how much could I expect to pay in taxi fare from the airport to the coach station, or even better, a cheaper alternative to getting there.

What I can tell you, is if you are arriving on a regularly scheduled flight then there should be a shuttle leaving not long after you arrive. It's possible there is only one shuttle and it leaves at 14.40 but it's also possible the official web site isn't up to date.
If for some reason there isn't a shuttle, then a taxi into Beziers will cost you about 15-20€. I'm not sure about transportation other than taxi or shuttle. About the only other suggestion I would have is asking to share a ride with another passenger.

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