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Bus to Vias Plage

My family and I are staying in Vias Plage at the end of May. Is there a bus service from the airport to Vias Plage? The alternative taxi fares seem very expensive?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Yes, there is a bus from the Beziers Airport to Vias Plage. The bus stops in the centre of Vias so you might need a taxi after that. The bus is number 210 and a schedule can be found here (click on 210 - Aéroport - Béziers gare routière / Aéroport - Vias - Agde gare SNCF - Marseillan plage). The bus is synchronized to arriving and departing flights. The bus leaves 30 minutes after arrivals and gets to the airport 1.5 hours before departures. I'm not sure about price, it's listed as 3.40€ one way, but that's for 2008.

Comment by reader:
Just to let you know on arrival to Bezier Airport the 210 bus that you indicated would take us to our destination didn't!! We could get a bus to Vias Central which is 2km North of Vias Plage. In the end we took a cab which cost 25 euros. Coming back to the airport the resort where we were staying knew a local cab firm (a little old lady!) who charged 15 euros. Unfortunately I didn't get her details to pass on to you.

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