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Car Hire After 19.30

I'm trying to organize a trip for 4 friends to go to a house in Tuchan, France. I keep meeting big problems! 3 of us want to fly from Edinburgh to Beziers while the 4th will come from Nice. We would like to pick up a hire car but our flight gets in at 19.30 and the car hire office is closed. Also, it may be dark at that time for driving in unknown territory such a long way. What to do? Should we check in to a hotel? There isn't one at the airport I understand. And there is only a rail option for the 4th member. Do you know how long the journey would take? Any advice you can give will be appreciated.

About car hire. If you come on a regularly scheduled flight it should be open. Sometime (dare I say just about year) the car hire companies don't update their web site so it looks like their closed when in fact their open. I'd wait to hire your car until the car hire web sites update. As for Nice to Beziers, I'm not sure what the travel time is. But you should be about to get it at Rail Europe. If you're traveling in the summer it shouldn't get dark until after 9pm.

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