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Holiday in Vias

I am booking a holiday in Vias for late August 2010 and wish to know the best way of getting there if I fly to Montpellier. Also, do you know how far Montpellier St Roch train station is from the airport (and how to get there) and how far is Beziers train station from Vias? There will be 2 small children travelling with me. (Would prefer to fly to Beziers but the flights don't work for me) Thank you.

There is a bus that runs from the Montpellier Airport to St Roch train station. From the train station you need to take the tram. A train from Montpellier to Vias takes about an hour but I'm not sure how many trains there are per day.
I'm not sure of the distance from the Beziers train station to Vias. But I do know there is a bus that runs from the Beziers Airport to Vias. The trip takes about 20 minutes and the schedule is synchronized to flights. In the end your best bet might be car hire, just to have freedom to get around.

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