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Shuttle Bus for 2011

I was just wondering how up to date this information is. We are flying into Beziers Airport in June and are going to book a car to rent from Beziers train station as none of the airport places appear to be open. It says on your website that there is a free shuttle bus from the airport to the station. Do you know if this will be running in June of this year?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

I called the airport and was told, that yes there is a shuttle. Looks like I was wrong about it being free. It's €1.50 for a single. There is an online schedule for the spring/summer on the official airport web site. The shuttle runs from the airport to the bus station (Gare Routière) and then there is a free shuttle that goes to the train station (Gare SNCF). The schedule is timed for departing and arriving flights.

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