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Train to Montpellier

Hi, I've been looking for some info for a while but keep finding conflicting info so I'm hoping you can clarify! I'm flying into beziers in October and then travelling onto Montpellier. Is there a shuttle I can take to agde and then get the train to Montpellier rather than having to go back to beziers town? I found some info but the translation/my french wasn't great and it seemed to say that the shuttles stop running late October? The times I found was from 2011 and the times it stated for arriving Ryanair flights conflicted with the actual flight times.

On the official airport web site the shuttle schedule is set until October 26th - http://www.beziers.aeroport.fr/3-34177-Shuttle-buses.php. Not sure what the schedule is after that. So up to October 26th you'll be able to take the bus to Agde. Looks like it's €3 cheaper (and about 10 minutes faster) to take the train from Agde to Montpellier than Beziers to Montpellier. But it really depends on the shuttle and train schedule if you'll be able to save time.

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