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When is Car Hire Open?

I'm flying to Beziers Airport on a Sunday in October and want to pick up a hire car. My flight gets in around 1pm. Some hire websites are saying no pick ups at all on Sundays from the airport and others only for the period 2-3.30 pm. What is correct? Many thanks.

I really don't know what's correct. What I can tell you is that this happens all the time at lots of airports. I believe the car hire web sites aren't updated in a timely manner. What I can also tell you is that as a rule most car hire companies are open when regularly scheduled flights arrive. So if you're arriving on a regularly scheduled flight you should be okay. But I'm not sure what you do about your booking other than trying to book by phone or at the time closet to your arrival. If you could let me know how things work out I would be most grateful.

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